Turn Sublime Text into a lightweight Symfony IDE

SymfonyCommnader is a small Sublime Text 2 package that transforms your editor of choice into a lightweight Symfony 2 IDE.

  • Symfony: Autocompletion in Sublime Text


    You will get code assistance for bundle names, entities, routes and services.

  • SymfonyCommander: Get infos about routes and services

    Access routes and services

    SymfonyCommnader will display a list of available routes and services.

  • Run symfony commands in Sublime Text

    Symfony Commands

    Run Symfony commands direct from within Sublime Text.

  • Testing Symfony 2 apps directly in Ssublime Text

    Test your code

    Run testcases in Sublime Text.

  • Symfony API and documentation search

    Online help

    Search in the Symfony API and Symfony Documentation online.

  • Switching bettween corresponding files

    Swithch between files

    Jump direct from a controller action to the corresponding template file and vice versa.

Installation and documentation

Installation ist realy simple. You can either install SymfonyCommander with Package Control (recommended), pull it via Github or download a zip file with the latest release.
You can find all technical Information at Github.


Sublime Text is available for OS X, Linux and Windows. Because SymfonyCommander is just a Package for Sublime Text, you can use it on all major plattforms as well.


SymfonyCommnader is published under the MIT License. So just use it, fork it, love it.